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Alabama Living MagazineFoggy Bottom Farms was proud to appear in Alabama Living Magazine because one of the fascinating aspects of changes in the social fabric is the slow pace of acceptance of ideas.  Organic farming has been promoted for over 30 years in America in magazines like AcresUSA, and much much longer than that on a world wide scale.  But since every generation needs to discover the boundaries within which it chooses to live, ideas that persist must find fresh ways to communicate the salient points of their messages or be relegated to the trash heap of irrelevancy.

That’s one of the reasons we go to the trouble to write about what we do.  The phone calls we get from people thinking through the ideas we share spark our hope that our grand-children can make the world a better place.

Therefore, when Alabama Living asked us about our ideas on organic farming, we shared more than would condense to two pages.  Still, it’s a start.

Alabama Living Magazine Excerpt

Foggy Bottom Farms was featured in the June 2012 edition of Alabama Living Magazine. 

You can read the article in PDF formatRead PDF file

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