The Healing Power of Traditional Foods

Are You Allergic to What You Eat?

Many people feel weak, tired or sick and assume their maladies are related to a virus, or local infection. The reality may be that they are experiencing an allergic reaction to their food. The more modern foods are inundated with pesticides and preservatives, the higher the percentage of the population that tests positive for allergies to certain foods. The benefits of traditional diets often stand in contrast to the symptoms experienced by the consumers of today.

Benefits of Traditional Diets

Traditional diets had no:

benefits of traditional diets

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  • Refined Sugars
  • Denatured Foods
  • White Bleached Flours
  • Pasteurized Milk
  • Refined or hydrogenated vegetable oils
  • toxic additives, such as MSG or coloring

Cole Casey’s Traditional Diet

Cole Casey

Cole Casey at age 11

When our grandson, Cole Casey, was a baby, he had a serious bout with diarrhea. His blistered, tender bottom make him miserable. The pediatrician said, “He needs more antibiotics.” This only made things worse. With nothing to lose, I asked my alternative doctor about it and he suggested the introduction of acidophilus and other beneficial bacteria via his milk.

The change was dramatic. Two days later Cole had normal stools and slept through the night. This single event set in motion our quest for a deeper understanding of nutrition and the discovery of just how misguided much of modern medicine has become.

Now I get some fresh, raw goat milk down him, when he comes for a weekly visit and he loves it. Like most kids, he will eat junk food, if he gets the chance. But we notice after a couple of weeks on fresh fruits, milks and meats, he sleeps better and his behavior is less frenetic. (Footnote: He is STILL a boy and is into everything. We see that as a good thing. This was 8 years ago)

Cole is now 12.  He is strong, vibrant and a real joy to have around.

He still asks for goat milk, but settles for milk from our Dexters. Our nutritional efforts have not solved all of his medical problems. He had his tonsils removed last year because of persistent strep infections. But his recovery was prompt and manageable.

Aidan Coffey

aidan_age4Aidan Coffey, Cole’s brother, got goat milk when he had finished nursing.  Aidan has some symptoms of lactose intolerance when drinking pasteurized milk. He drinks raw milk with impugnity.
He turns 5 this spring and can already read some words and phrases. What is remarkable is how he is able to play video games that require reading, without any formal training on how to read.

Aidan loves chasing the chickens and especially enjoyed his time with “kurkey.”  You will have to read my “kurkey for krismas” post to get the details on that.

Lennox Coffey

lennox_jenniferHere is Lennox Coffey, the newest addition to the family, pictured with his mother Jennifer. Lennox is thriving and we attribute much of that to Jennifer’s improved health via improved nutrition. During her pregnancy Jennifer drank raw milk, ate our free-range eggs and grew her own okra and other vegetables.  She was surprised at how good her fresh vegetables tasted and how much she craved them. She continued this diet while nursing.

Logan Mickler

logan_rolls_tideLogan is my long distance grandson that I get to see a couple of times a year.

My impact on Logan’s nutrition has been indirect.  His mother, Rebecca, lives in Wilmington, NC.  You can see her business, A Space To Call Home in this little movie.

I sent Rebecca a copy of Sally Fallon’s book, so we will wait to see how he turns out.  He is very bright and has an infectious laugh.


Behavior Follows the Food

Diet is so powerful in the ways it impacts behavior that a school in Wisconsin was able turn around their misbehaving teens via the cafeteria. For details see The Feingold Report.

For details see the Weston A. Price work on “The Characteristics of Traditional Diets”

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