With Cows It’s Always About the Food


I had used the SeaAgri Sea Salt a few weeks ago in the garden behind the cows in this picture, putting out about 25 pounds per acre.

When I finished I tossed the excess on the ground outside the fence, not realizing that I was adding to the equation of what qualifies as cow food..

These are my neighbor’s cows from about a quarter mile away.  They broke through their fence and came to our place.  They followed their order of dominance as each one ate at the spot where the sea salt had been absorbed by the grass.  They ate the grass, roots and eventually the dirt.

While they were here, I placed a few handfuls out around the barn.  They sniffed out each one and devoured it.

Was it the smell or the electrical conductivity?

Cows know real cow food

This was just one confirmation that I am on the right track in pursuing the idea that re-mineralization is critical in the food process.

Fertility From the Ocean Deep Charles WaltersCharles Walters book “Fertility from the Ocean Deep” led me to the work of the late Maynard Murray, Sea Energy Agriculture.

Robert Cain and Carmen Hagan are carrying on the work of Dr. Murray and were very helpful in getting me the 2,000 pounds of sea salt that we put on the pasture that year. The guys at the farmers co-op all thought I was going to kill the fields. Having tested this idea for several years, the one thing we have learned is that you can dilute the sea salt and spray it on, if the expense is a concern.  Just remember that the cows really enjoy it mixed in with alfalfa pellets and DE.

I highly recommend that farmers and even gardeners contact Bob about at SeaAgri about SEA-90 and ask him to explain how it works. Bob can also suggest strategies for application and there are a number of documented farm experiences on his website that you may enjoy.

Cows Also Browse

Much to the chagrin of my wife, the cows really find certain bushes in our flower bed delectable.

redokraThere are a couple of times each year when the cows break out of the fencing for a little fun. The first place they go is to some nearby cedar trees for a good scratch. Besides, cedar sap makes a great cologne. Then they head towards the privet hedge and low hanging leaves on young trees. I had to put fencing around the apple trees to save them.

They stop off at the flower bed to snack on the crape myrtle. Cows enjoy crab grass, dandelions, certain thistles, hair vetch, purple vetch and anything growing in the garden. The point is that they get quite bored and nutritionally deficient on a mono-crop of one variety of grass.  Well, in our case, we are a 24/7 salad bar.

Why is Re-mineralization So important?

Dr. William Albrecht pointed out a generation ago that if we don’t feed the soil, it can’t feed us. For years, scientist have focused on what components would boost crop yield without giving much thought to how nutritious those extra bushels might be.

Maynard Murray pioneered study in the idea that sea water contains over 90 minerals and trace elements that are critical to human health. He noticed especially how sea creatures don’t have cancer and that their vital organs stay youthful far beyond the experience of land based animals.

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