Reserve Your Springtime Dexters Now

springtime dexters CalfWe have 3 cows who will deliver in the next month or two.  One of them is “Girlfriend.”  She can no longer nurse her calves, so I get to bottle feed it.  Bottle feeding a calf twice a day is a chore.  The benefit to doing so is you get a very manageable calf.

But, it is a chore.  So, if you are looking for a great deal on Dexter calf you could pick one up about 6 weeks after it’s born.  Just let me know.

We also have some cow/calf combos and a couple of tiny Dexters that would entertaining in the right setting.

All of our cattle are eligible for registration in ADCA and PDCA.

Call us at 1-256-776-1499 for details.

Dexter Reading Library

Here are some books on Dexters that you might enjoy.

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