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This section of the website serves as a directory for organic and sustainable farming ideas. Concurrent with that are ideas that involve creativity, tenacity and a refusal to be brow beaten into the current societal structures placed on farms and the people they serve.

It occurred to me while reading other blogs, such as Dan Allen’s work at, that it is one thing to recognize the problems created by the greed of the corporations that control much of the modern food markets, but quite another to come up with food plans and strategies that by-pass their models in ways that make sense for both the farmers and the people they serve.

By the way, when you read some of Allen’s material you may need a definition. The ‘Anthropocene’ is a term that denotes the present time interval, in which many geologically significant conditions and processes are profoundly altered by human activities. 

Among these are:

  • Changes in farming methods that result in serious soil erosion and sediment transportation
  • The explosion of the human population
  • The development of densely populated urban areas
  • Global warming
  • The changes to the chemical composition of the atmosphere, oceans and soils, with significant human caused changes to the cycles of elements such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and various metals
  • Ocean acidification and spreading oceanic ‘dead zones’

All that is to say that you should not feel overwhelmed by the fact that the changes that you make only seem to impact your community.  As my grandfather used to tell me, “we do what we can with what we have.”



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