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Mark Twain once wrote, “against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.”

I have been fortunate enough to have had several satirical articles published on The Spoof. Since it uses a “daily paper” motif, the articles may float out of view.

You can see them all here. Please send me your ideas and comments about them,

1). Mosanto’s GMO disaster –

2). NAIS Moves from Cows to Illegal Aliens

3). Horizon Dairy “Stumped” by Cow Protest

4). Scientists Discover Gene That Causes Fundamentalism and Homosexuality.

5). Bush Announces New “Turf and Serf” program.

6). Dean Foods Implements “Porta-Potties” for Cows.

7). Bacteria Protest Whole Foods Live Lobster Ban.

8). Ohio Officials Bust Amish Farmer for Selling Milk Raw.

9.Pfizer Sues Rush Limbaugh Over Viagra Use

10).Homeland Security Database Hacked by Nuns

11).Fundamentalists Announce New Profanity Campaign in Support of Bush

12).Auburn Football Announces “Fear the Dumb” Campaign

13).New “Pon-Fob” Solves Travel Dilemma

14).Alabama Chocolate Factory Worker Boasts Miracle Bust

15). FDA to Send in “The Clones”

16. Bush Blames Global Warming on “Commie Gas”

17. Home Security Announces “Shoot on Sight” Policy

18. Star-Bellied Sneeches Protest NAIS

19. FDA Approves Eating Cloned Humans

20. Alabama Vaults to Number One in BCS Snafu

21. Blue Cross Dumbs down Medical Correspondence

22. Government Going Out of Business

23. USDA Takes over DEA’s Job

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